A Brief History of Mr Whippy

  • Dominic Facchino is accredited with starting Mr Whippy. From Italian decent but born in
    England, Dominic was excited having visited the US in 1958 and having seen the
    "Mr Softee" ice cream trucks in operation. His family were from an ice cream
    background and set up his own business, "Mr Whippy" in 1958 with a pilot of 6 vans
    in Birmingham, UK;
  • Early in 1964, having had success setting up Mr Whippy in Australia in 1962, Dominic
    Facchino decided to also enter the New Zealand market on a master franchised basis;
  • 24 vans (pink and cream) were constructed in the UK and shipped from Birmingham
    in time for the summer of 1964;
  • The public response to Mr Whippy in New Zealand was phenomenal and the fleet
    quickly grew to 50 company run vans by the end of the 1960's. The Mr Whippy
    vans were beautiful Austins and the same as in the UK coloured pink and white;
  • There are now over 60 Mr Whippy vans and two exciting Mr Whippy stores in
    Auckland Queenstown. The current owners of Mr Whippy are reinvigorating the
    special piece of New Zealand by adding more vans to the fleet and opening
    a number of fixed stores around New Zealand.
  • For a more detailed history of Mr Whippy, click here.

Our Big Birthday Bash - 29th March 2014

  • Mr Whippy is 50!!
  • Thanks New Zealand for all your support for the past 50 summers and we couldn't have done it without you.
  • To say thanks, Mr Whippy gave away 20,000 ice creams all around New Zealand on Saturday, 29th March 2014 with a gold coin donation per ice cream. All money raised went to Child Cancer Foundation to support a fantastic cause.
Mr Whippy

"Where's Whippy" Photo Competition

Mr Whippy
  • During March and April 2014, send your favourite photo's of you and your local Mr Whippy or you at one of our Mr Whippy stores to us and be in to win your street free Mr Whippy Ice Creams!
  • Photo entries can be both past and present.
  • There are 5 chances to win and so 5 lucky streets in New Zealand will be shouted free Mr Whippy Ice Creams for the best 5 photo's as judged by our professional photographer.
  • Send your entries / photo's to information@mrwhippy.co.nz before the 30 April 2014 to be in to win. Winners will be announced in early May and please note that each Street is limited to 175 free plain Mr Whippy Ice Creams.
  • To see some of the "Where's Whippy" photo entries so far, click here. Also check out our Facebook page (Mr Whippy NZ) to see some of the entries.

Whippy Gold!

  • In honour of Mr Whippy turning 50, we've launched a new 50th Anniversary
    Mr Whippy Ice Cream - The "Whippy Gold".
  • Be sure to get one soon!

Thanks to Our Suppliers

  • A Special thanks to Tatua Dairy Co-operative and Davis Trading for all
    their special support with our 50th Birthday Anniversary.
Tatua Davis

Mr Whippy Gold Mr Whippy Child Cancer Foundation
Find a Mr Whippy Van Child Cancer Foundation